Tasks To Delegate To Virtual Assistant USA

That a Virtual Assistant USA can shave hours your week is not in question. The  big question is which tasks should need outsourcing in your business. Though small and startup can benefit more from VA, all business should hire one. Here are some of the tasks that you should get them done virtually. Virtual Assistant USA can […]

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6 Virtual Assistant Tools To Try Now

Virtual assistant tools are useful in making your life as a virtual assistant easy and fun. They are also important in bringing together virtual assistants from all over the world to work together. In short, they make working easy as well as enhancing teamwork. Here are some of the most important tools for VA’s. Virtual […]

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Virtual Assistant Salary

Virtual assistant salary is determined by many factors. It is therefore not constant and really depends on how the Vas is able to negotiate. Here are important things to know about VA salaries. Factors That Determine Virtual Assistant Salary Services offered: Services such as programming and web design attract higher salaries than general office work. […]

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Virtual Assistant Resume Tips

As a virtual assistant, you probably think that since you work home, a virtual assistant resume is not important. Far from it, you need a resume that shows your strengths to your clients. Here are some of the importances of writing a resume. Benefits of Virtual Assistant Resume A good resume will not guarantee you […]

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Tips On How To Set Virtual Assistant Rates

Developing virtual assistant rates which are sustainable is important. How do many virtual assistants determine their rates? This may surprise you but they determine rates after looking at their competitors’ websites. Some even go as far as asking the client to set the rate. Ideally, you should do a cost analysis and determine your prices. […]

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Popular Virtual Assistant Positions in The Market

As businesses grow and learn the value Va’s can add to their business, more virtual assistant positions are being created. It is important that these positions are well defined so that the VA knows exactly what is expected of them. They should also be accorded as much respect as you would other employees of your […]

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5 Common Mistakes When Hiring Online Virtual assistant

Online virtual assistant have pretty much become a part of the modern office. If you are able to hire a quality VA, you will not only get value for money but also make your life easier. Here are the five common mistakes you can make when hiring a virtual assistant and how to prevent them. […]

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